Why Is My Turtle Biting His Arm?

In this article we’re going to talk about – Why Is My Turtle Biting His Arm?

Have you ever seen your turtle bite their arm?

It can look really weird and make you wonder why they do this?

What’s causing them to behave in this manner

In short – Turtles bite themselves because they feel threatened. They do this to defend themselves against predators. 

Let’s get into more detail in this article

Possible Reasons Your Turtle Is Biting His Arm

There are a few possible reasons why your turtle is biting himself

Let’s go through them

  • Turtles sometimes get rid of old skin through self-grooming behaviors. They usually do not cause any harm unless they accidentally injure themselves while grooming. If you notice any unusual behavior, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Turtles often get irritated because of high levels of Nitrates & Ammonia present in the water. This usually happens due to improper maintenance of ponds/ponds so due to this your turtles skin gets irritated which means they try to scratch or bite their arm. To avoid this, ensure proper care while maintaining the pond. Also, check whether any chemicals used around the pond are safe for turtles. If yes then try not to apply those chemicals near the pond.
  • Another reason your turtle is biting their arm is because something could be stuck under their scale. Check underneath the scale and see if you see anything for example, a piece of plastic sticking out from beneath the scale. What you can do is take a pair of tweezers and gently take it out. Apply some polysporine with a cotton swab to prevent infection.
  • Mites! Mites could be bothering your turtle. Check closely and see if you can notice any mites activity on your turtles body. Apply medication that is used to kill off mites on your turtle. Always seek an expert advice before applying or using medicine on your turtle

Here’s How You Can Help

  • Biting during shedding is normal behavior and not something you can change. You just need to accept this fact and not worry
  • If the water quality isn’t balanced, then do a weekly 40%-50% water change. Get yourself a high powered canister filter. A great filter is the most essential requirement for a turtle tank. Check the levels of the water parameters regularly. You can buy a water testing kit here.
  • If the situation isn’t getting any better, talk to a veterinarian. They may recommend x-rays to see what is going on inside your pet turtle. Antibiotics may also be prescribed depending on the severity of the infection.
  • Don’t give medications to pets unless approved by your veterinarian. You never know how something may react until you try it.

If nothing helps then the best thing to do is take your turtle to the vets

That way you can leave it to the experts to determine what’s wrong and they can give your the turtle the proper care and medication

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Wrapping Up

Turtles generally bite on themselves when it feels an itch or becomes irritated by a particular part of its body.

This itching sensation could be caused either by an external living organism or the rash formed on its skin because of improper nutrition or living conditions.

Fortunately, none of these conditions are irreversible.

By taking steps to prevent your turtle from biting itself, you can reverse any damage caused by this condition.

Turtles bite themselves because they feel threatened or stressed.

They also do this when they sense danger.

However, if the situation is serious and your pet has injured its mouth badly enough to cause bleeding, then it’s best to seek veterinary care immediately.

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