Why Is My Tortoise Poop Yellow

Tortoises are reptiles that live in warm climates around the globe.

They eat insects and plants and are considered slow moving animals.

Keeping track of their health requires watching over their skin, eyes, mouths, and the color of their poops.

If you notice that your tortoise’s poop has turned yellow, then you would be correct to assume that something isn’t quite right.

In this article we’re going to talk about the possible reasons why your Tortoise poop is yellow

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Why does my tortoise have yellow stool?

A healthy tortoise has brown or greenish-brown poop, the poop of these animals should be firm, well formed, and not smell too strongly.

If you notice that your tortoise’s poop is suddenly turning yellow, the possible cause may be:

The poop is mostly urates

Turtles go through their own sort of hibernation called brumation during the wintertime.

They refuse to eat so they can get ready for the hibernation.

Hibernating tortoise have been known to refuse food.

This behavior has nothing to do with being lazy.

It is simply their body shutting down so they don’t waste energy when there isn’t anything around to hunt.

Drought conditions cause these animals to stop eating and drinking, causing their bodies to think that they are experiencing water shortage.

The animals’ bodies will hold their waste because of the droughts they are experiencing, this will continue until the animals see that it isn’t winter anymore.

Winter is here, so animals have no choice but to relieve themselves outside their burrow.

After the tortoise wakes up, it will release its waste, which will likely be yellow.

When the tortoise isn’t hibernating, the solid foods he consumes cause his poop to come out as brown or green.

If the tortoise doesn’t eat, eg: when it is hibernating, then the tortoise will not defecate or urinate, it will hold onto the waste until it is ready to be released.

A tortoise normally passes its urine in two parts: liquid and solid.

Both components are passed at the same time.

During hibernation, the tortoise’s body will absorb all the water in its urine.

Once hibernation is completed, what comes out of the tortoise are the yellow urates.

Urate crystals are a cream colored crystal, this is what you might think is poo.

The urates will come out but since the animal hasn’t been eating solid foods for awhile, no poops, or minimal poops, will come out of your pet, what will come out are the yellow urates.

What You Should Do:

The tortoise will eventually regain its appetite, and once it does, it will eat whatever you feed it.

Don’t worry about forcing anything down its throat; just give it some water and wait until it eats again.

Feeding your tortoise solid foods, when he or she has no appetite, can be very stressful for your pet.

Let him or her eat on his or her own.

In the meantime, only offer it small bits of food and allow it to eat if it feels like it.

The tortoise will likely gravitate toward its favorite foods, so offer it its favorite foods.

If you’re still concerned about your pet, you can have it checked by a veterinarian.

A good option is to visit a reptile vet, but you can also bring your tortoise to a regular vet.

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What color should my tortoise poop be?

The color, consistency, and volume of the feces will vary depending on what the tortoise is ingesting.

But for the most part, the feces will be brown or greenish-brown.

A healthy turtle/tortoise produces quite firm, well-formed feces

What should tortoise poop look like?

Although, as a rough guideline, tortoise poop should be green-brown to brown in color and it should be a solid and stinky mass.

Essentially, tortoise poop looks roughly as you would expect a creature that only eats vegetables to poop like.

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