Why Do Tortoises Bob Their Heads

Tortoises are unique and fascinating reptiles that often leave us wondering why they are doing some of the things they do.

Their heads bobs left and right, sometimes causing us to wonder what is going through their minds.

Is this behavior normal, or does it mean something else?

Question is – Why do Tortoises bob their heads?

Tortoises use their heads to push air through their throats to fill their lungs, similar to how we inhale.

This allows tortoises to breathe without a diaphragm or a flexible rib cage.

Head bobbing can also be a sign of aggression and mating rituals.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that your tortoise is bobbing its head in various ways, but we’ll get into that later.

For now, let’s just say that it could be something really simple, like your tortoise is trying to breathe.

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Possible Reasons Why Your Tortoise Bobs It’s Head


As your tortoise gets older, he becomes more active and starts moving around more often.

This makes him appear to breathe harder than before, and it can seem like he is breathing through his neck.

But this is normal behavior and not something to worry about.

Tortoises’ breathing is completely different than how humans breathe.

Tortoises have a pouch in their throats that they pump by moving their heads up and down, often referred to as “bobbing.”

As they move their head, the buccal pouch fills up with air and pumps it into their lungs.

Tortoises aren’t equipped with a flexible ribcage or a diaphragm, which allows us to pump the air into our lungs.

Tortoises do not have ribs because they have evolved into a fixed shell, so without the buccal pouch, they would not be able to breath.

There is one species of tortoise, the Hinge-Back Tortoise, which has a moveable shell.

When you watch them breathe, you can see the shell moving just like our ribs do.

However, this doesn’t mean the Hinge-Back Tortoises don’t use the buccal pouch as other tortoises do.

They can use the buccal pouch; it is just the moveable shell that allows them to breath better or easier.

The buccal pouch is how many reptiles breathe but looks strange on tortoises as they rest their chin on their lower shell, which gives the impression that the tortoise is bobbing its head.

Started headbanging?

Your tortoise might suddenly start head banging or bobbing, without any apparent reason.

Some people have said they’ve had turtles for over 15 years, and it just started happening.

In turtle communities, this is completely normal.

Your tortoise may have found a comfortable position by resting its chin on its lower shell, which will lessen the appearance of the head bobbing.

Seeing your tortoise head bob for years isn’t something to worry you, but if you notice any changes in its behavior, you should consult a veterinarian.

Tortoises usually expel other signs if they are having health issues.

Ritual Of Mating

During the mating season, a tortoise’s behavior can change drastically as he tries to attract the female tortoise.

Male tortoises will bob their heads at female tortoises to try and get their attention. This is right before they try to mount a female

If you have two males and you start seeing them bobbing heads, a fight could follow and a tortoise ending up on its back.

Tortoise behavior is very similar between males and females.

Females that exhibit head bobbing rituals can indicate that they are carrying eggs.

This can also lead to them being aggressive by biting or ramming objects in their path.

Some species are more likely to head bang than ram items; a Hermann’s tortoise is the more likely to head bob than ram items.

A male tortoise that is headbanging, biting, or otherwise acting aggressively can also be marking his territory.

This behavior can occur when there are multiple males present.

Tortoise owners should try to avoid aggressive behavior while feeding their animals, especially during meal times.

This can lead to injuries and even death.

Now you may be wondering

How long does this head bobbing last?

Let’s find out

How Long Does It Last?

When your turtles begin to nod their heads downward toward each other, they might last anywhere between 5 minutes and 3 hours.

Tortoises mate throughout May and June, and the male will bob its head while he tries to attract females.

A single tortoise can live over 100 years.

The average lifespan of a tortoise is around 50 years.

Tortoises mate for life.

They also fight each other for territory.

This can lead to multiple fights between males and females.

Males attempt to impress females by bobbing their heads back and forth.

After the mating is complete, the head bobbing and aggression should stop.

However, it has been known that a dominant tortoise can continue aggressive behavior, especially around food.

Why do tortoises headbutt?

Male tortoises will often head butt each other to establish territory.

This behavior is common in males during the mating season.

It is also part of their mating ritual, hence, more common during this period.

Therefore, contrary to some interpretations such as aggression and disease, headbutting is normal.

Wrapping Up

Tortoises often bob their heads while taking in air.

This behavior isn’t necessarily indicative of illness; however, it does warrant a visit to the vet.

If you notice this behavior coming out of nowhere, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Tortoises can get aggressive if they feel threatened or if they see another tortoise getting bullied.

Separating them during feeding times can prevent this behavior.

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