Tortoise Pee White

Owning a pet tortoise comes with many joys but there are times when they can scare us with something we’ve never seen them do before.

For example when a tortoise pees seethrough liquid it can make you worry and concern as to why your tortoise pee is white

In most cases, a tortoise peering through its shell at a puddle of urine is nothing to worry about and is just a sign that he/she is hydrated.

However, it is best practice to check the diet that it is not too wet.

A tortoise should be fed on a mostly dry diet of weeds and grasses.

While this is the simplest way to check whether something is safe to eat, it does not mean it is completely harmless.

There are other things to consider as well

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Do Tortoises pee liquid?

Tortoises do not urinate in the same way humans do.

They produce urine in the form of a clear liquid called “urine”.

The color of this liquid varies depending on the species of tortoise.

Some species of tortoises produce yellow urine while others produce green urine.

Turtles produce both urine and urines.

Urine is in a liquid form which is stored in a turtles bladder.

The urine contains waste and toxins that are filtered from the blood stream.

Your turtle also produces urates or uric acid which is also excreted.

Why did my tortoise pee so much?

Some tortoises can produce large amounts of urine because of what they eat.

Some diets cause tortoises to urinate more often than others.

A tortoise that pours water at least once per hour should not require any special attention.

But if your tortoise is pouring water frequently, this could indicate he is too dehydrated.

Your tortoise should have a dry diet made up of mostly grasses and weeds and you should avoid overfeeding your tortoise on wet foods.

While you need to make sure your tortoise gets enough water for hydration you don’t want to overdo it.

A sure sign your tortoise is over hydrated is if they are peeing lots.

Tortoises can get dehydrated at times, especially during hot weather.

If this happens, try adding some extra water to their tank.

They may drink more than usual, but just remember to monitor how much they are consuming.

I have never seen my tortoise pee before?

The concern comes when you have never seen your tortoise pee before.

You would think they more than likely have you just haven’t seen them pee.

Tortoises prefer to urinate while bathing, but they do sometimes defecate in the water.

Keep a close eye on the back end of your tortoise during this activity.

If you notice your tortoise pees or poops in the water, it would be advisable to change out the water so he/she can bathe and drink clean water.

Tortoises will often urinate near the base of trees because this provides protection against predators.

When Should You Act On Seeing Tortoise Urine?

A tortoise that pees more than once per day is a clear indication that he or she is dehydrated.

Your first step should be to examine your tortoise’s diet and ensure that you aren’t overfeeding him/her wet foods.

Grasses and weeds are usually the main ingredients in tortoise diets.

After making changes to your tortoise’s diet if your tortoise is still urinating more than once per day.

The best course of action would be to contact a local veterinarian for some help who should be able to assist you.

Tortoises are often very friendly animals and many owners do not realize how much work they require until they actually own one.

If you are new to owning a tortoise, then you should know that some minor mistakes can cause serious damage to your pet.

You should seek professional help if you notice any signs of illness or injury.

Turtles are very resilient animals, however, the sooner you seek veterinary care if you notice anything unusual, the less likely your turtle will develop serious illness.

Your veterinarian will be more than happy to assist you with your pet and should be able to identify any issues before they become too severe.

What color should my tortoises Pee be?

Normal urine of tortoises consists of a liquid clear portion and of small to moderate amounts of white urates.

The color of the liquid part varies from colorless to pale yellow.

Tortoises with liver disease may show a yellow-brown to yellow-green urine due to biliverdin, and to a lesser extent to bilirubin.

Is Tortoise Pee toxic?

Turtles’ urine contains ammonia, urea, uric acid, creatinine, and nitrogenous compounds.

These substances can cause severe kidney failure, coma, convulsions, respiratory arrest, and even death.

Wash your hands frequently after touching your pet or cleaning your turtle’s urine.

Wrapping Up

Seeing urine for the first time can be frightening and worrisome in nearly all cases.

However, it won’t be anything to worry about.

Even if it is due to our care that is causing it, we can overcome this with simple dietary changes.

I hope this blog post helps ease your worries and helps you overcome any issues you may encounter.

Most times, it will just be that we’ve never seen your tortoise pee before.

If it is indeed that your tortoise’s diet is slightly off, then this should be easily overcome.

Tortoises are very sensitive creatures and require proper nutrition to thrive.

If you are new or experienced to tortoises, learning how to feed them properly is essential.

Poorly fed tortoises often lead to poor health.

Tortoises are relatively easy to care for, but their diets are always a challenge.

We’ve got lots of tips and tricks here to help you get started.

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