Should You Use A Tank Divider For Turtles?

In this article we discuss – Should You Use A Tank Divider For Turtles?

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Do turtles benefit from tank dividers?

With this do-it-yourself water feature, divide your aquarium.

Some fundamental carpentry knowledge and equipment are needed for this project.

Managing some aggressive behavior in turtles is one issue that you could run into.

You might eventually have an angry turtle on your hands, whether it’s due to overcrowding or just a naturally violent nature.

A very unpleasant situation might arise when one of the turtles in your tank attacks or becomes antagonistic with others.

You can build a tank divider to isolate the aggressive turtles from the rest rather than having to completely remove the aggressive turtle or put up a new tank as a solution.

Even if you may purchase a tank divider at your neighborhood pet shop or online, you might prefer one that is specifically fitted to your tank.

Tank dividers work well for turtles because they provide them with extra space while still allowing access to water.

Using a Tank Divider For Turtles

Tank dividers can be used to safely separate adult turtles from younger turtles as well as to separate aggressive turtles.

If you desire to breed your turtles but don’t have an extra tank to use, you may easily install and use a tank divider to separate the adult turtles from the younger ones.

Additionally, dividers can be used to keep a breeding pair apart from other turtles in the tank while they are breeding.

The injured turtle can be kept apart from the other turtles in the tank using tank dividers so that it has time and space to recover.

A tank divider’s primary advantage is that it creates a physical barrier for turtles while yet allowing water to pass from one side of the tank to the other.

Therefore, by employing a tank divider, you may easily separate one tank into two portions while still using the same tools.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Tank Dividers

Tanks come in many shapes and sizes, and while some are designed specifically for keeping reptiles, others are used for a variety of purposes.

Here, The following list of advantages and disadvantages for tank dividers will assist you in deciding whether utilizing one is the best option for your circumstances:


By using a tank divider, you can avoid having to set up a separate tank every time.

Tank dividers permit water to pass through, eliminating the need for additional tank equipment installation.

And without having to buy a new tank or get rid of the violent turtle, you can easily segregate aggressive turtles from the other turtles in the tank with a tank divider.


The quality of the water on one side of the tank divider may be better since the filter is closer, even though the water flow through the divider may not always be constant.

Due to the heater being closer to one side, the water temperature could differ on either side of the tank divider.

Tank dividers separate the tank, which might occasionally take away from the tank’s attractive aspect.

Creating Customized Tank Dividers

You can create your own tank divider by using the instructions below if you’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages of doing so and have determined that it is the best course of action for your circumstances.

Making a tank divider can be less expensive than buying one, depending on the size of your tank, especially if it is an unusual size.

It might be simpler and less expensive to simply purchase a tank divider if your tank is a regular size, though.

Materials Needed

Embroidered plastic fabric

Binders/slide shields

Tape measure

Cutting tools like scissors 


Measure the width of your tank using the measuring tape, starting at the inside edge of the back wall and moving forward.

The width that was previously measured should be used to cut a sheet of plastic embroidered canvas.

To ensure a straighter cut, it will probably be useful to trace a line along the entire length of the plastic embroidered canvas.

Cut the sheet of plastic embroidered canvas to the height required by measuring your tank’s height from the base to roughly 1 inch from the rim.

Trim two slide-on plastic binder bars to the plastic embroidery canvas’s width, and two more to the canvas’s height. Slide the bars over the appropriate edges.

By removing the substrate from your tank’s area where the tank divider will be installed, you can reveal the tank’s bottom by digging a trench through the gravel.

With the bottom edge in the trench you just made, slide the tank divider vertically into the tank between the rear and front walls.

The divider needs to be level on the tank’s bottom and snug against the tank’s walls on each side.

The divider must be taller than the water level in the tank in order to prevent the turtles from swimming from one side to the other.

Measure the height of the divider against the water level in your tank.

To keep the tank divider in place, completely cover both sides of the substrate with substrate.

Additional Advice And Tips

Installing your tank divider properly is essential to getting the best results from it as a barrier.

To prevent turtles from swimming under the divider, bury the bottom of the divider in the substrate and make sure the edges of the divider are snug against the tank’s walls.

The distance between the heater and filter should also be taken into account when placing your tank’s divider.

Although water should be able to flow freely from one side of the tank to the other, the side that is farthest from your tank’s equipment could not receive the same level of filtration.

Therefore, think about placing the filter closer to the centre of the tank to guarantee that both sides of your tank receive high-quality water.

Remember that tank dividers are not a suitable approach to separate sick turtles since water will flow from one side of the barrier to the other.

Wrapping Up

If you ever need to divide the turtles in your tank, a tank divider is a straightforward and practical solution.

This solution is something you can create on your own, and it’s also pretty simple to apply.


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