Do Ball Pythons Like To Soak In Water

If you know anything about snakes, you are aware that they can dwell almost anywhere.

Snakes may survive in water as well as in meadows, woods, deserts, and woodlands.

They are incredibly adaptable species that can withstand some interesting difficulties.

Keepers of reptiles frequently own ball pythons.

These lovely creatures, with their laid-back personalities and adaptable traits, are simple to maintain.

You might then wonder Do Ball Pythons Like To Soak In Water?

Water is something that ball pythons love to soak in.

You may have noticed them curled up inside a couple times if you have a large enough water bowl.

The ability of ball pythons—and all snakes, for that matter—to absorb water through their skin is an amazing characteristic.

Additionally, ball pythons might soak if they are about to shed, are overheated, are mite-infested, or are having impaction.

Although the first possibility is the more likely one, if soaking is a new activity for your snake, you should still thoroughly inspect both your husbandry and your snake.

So even though it may not appear like you see them drinking much, soaking is effectively the same thing as drinking for the purpose of absorbing water.

Pretty interesting right?

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How often do ball pythons need to soak?

Ball pythons do not often soak like other snake species do.

However, there are a few health factors that can help you decide when to give your ball python a bath or soak.

Sometimes the skin doesn’t easily peel off on its own when your snake is getting ready to lose its skin.

A soak or bath is a good approach to soften the skin and aid in its natural removal.

Your snake will stay reasonably well-hydrated and shouldn’t experience too many problems when they shed if the humidity level in the enclosure is regularly between 60% and 80%.

Constipation can be eased and mites can be killed by bathing or soaking your snake.

Additionally, your ball python would appreciate a soak or bath, which would leave it clean and content.

However, don’t force your snake into an uncomfortable condition if you don’t have to because other ball pythons will become frightened in the water and make sure you are informed of what is happening with your ball python before continuing to place it in settings that it might not enjoy because every snake will behave differently.

You don’t want to over-stress the animal because this can result in a variety of health problems.

Is it normal for a ball python to soak in water?

It is uncommon to observe ball pythons soaking in their water bowls.

If your ball python is frequently observed soaking in their water bowl, there is probably a problem with the animal’s care or husbandry.

The following are the top three explanations why a snake might choose to soak in their water bowl:

  1. They’re attempting to stay cool because the temperature is too hot.
  2. Low humidity prevents them from shedding, and the enclosure doesn’t have enough moisture.
  3. Mites that are sucking their blood from under their scales. If not treated, mites will eventually kill your snake. To entirely get rid of the mites, treatment may take a few weeks.

How long should a ball pythons soak in water?

There is no set time

But if your ball python is soaking in water for a long period of time it could be for a number of reasons as mentioned earlier

If your snake soaks in the water during the night and is still in their bowl in the morning it shouldn’t be a problem

But if you don’t want this happening then you can simply remove the water bowl at night and put it back in the morning

You see most ball pythons may panic in water and will not like it

Whereas others won’t mind at all

For example, some ball python owners say their snake loves soaking in the water

If your snake is constantly in the water then it is most likely due to mites so you might want to get it checked out


Because mites are under their scales and are sucking their blood

If this continues to happen it can lead to death!

That is why it’s important to find out what’s the reasons for your ball python soaking as soon as possible

Mites can be treated although it may take a couple of weeks

Wrapping Up

Most ball pythons don’t like soaking in water although some do

You’ll know your snake better than anyone else

If your snake likes soaking in water and you know there are no conditions as mentioned above then I guess your baby just loves the water!

If they are spending a long time in their water bowl, it would be a good idea to get them checked out

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