Why Does My Turtle Wipe His Face?

In this article we’re going to talk about why your turtle wipes his face And one of the reason is – It’s because the water in the tank is irritating his skin Let’s get into more detail Carry on reading Why Do Turtles Rub Their Heads? Watching your turtle in his tank, you might have … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Eat Sand?

Why Is My Turtle Eating Sand?  If you have used sand as a substrate in the bottom of your tank, it is inevitable that your turtle could swallow a little when he is searching for food. Whilst eating a little sand will not do him any harm, eating sand regularly and in excessive quantities will … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Try To Escape?

Turtles/ terrapins are popular pets and are certainly fascinating ones to have. They will definitely find moving to a new home stressful be it a tank or pond which is why your turtle may want to escape There are many ways in which you can make their new home as close to ideal as possible, … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Stay In One Corner?

Turtles make really fascinating pets, especially if you spend time getting to their their routines and characteristics. Turtles often communicate by their actions, so it is well worth getting to know them well enough to understand what is normal for them. If you notice that they are behaving a little differently, try to understand why … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Try To Bite Me?

Turtles (terrapins) do make fascinating pets and certainly can build a relationship with their owner. It is true to say that some species of turtle are slightly more aggressive than others but it is usually for the same reason – they feel threatened. If your turtle tries to bite you it is probably because he … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Swim Towards Me?

Turtles make amazing pets and even though they are not as cuddly as kittens and puppies, they are certainly cute! They do get to know their humans quite quickly and one way they show this is by swimming towards you when they spot you! They are genuinely pleased to see you, but they also secretly … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Open Its Mouth?

Watching your pet turtle/terrapin can be great fun as you get to know their routines and characteristics. One of the most interesting aspects is the way that they use their mouths as it is for many different things besides eating!  Why Does My Red-Eared Slider Keep Opening Its Mouth? It is true, turtles will show … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Stare At Me?

Have you ever found your pet turtle or terrapin just standing staring at you either standing on his rock or through the glass of the tank? It is a really weird feeling because he probably isn’t blinking and is not moving at all and his attention can be very unnerving! The good news is that … Read more

Why Does My Turtle Eat Rocks?

Chelonians can be fantastic pets. But, many turtle parents find their pet’s behavior to be quite peculiar. And, one of the things that may seem most odd to guardians of turtles is their fetish for eating rocks.  It’s no surprise why turtle parents ask – why does my turtle eat rocks? In short the answer … Read more