Turtle touching other turtles face

In the enchanting world of turtles, fascinating behaviors and interactions abound. One such intriguing behavior that has captured the attention of turtle enthusiasts and researchers alike is the act of turtles touching each other’s faces. This curious behavior can be observed in various turtle species, from majestic sea turtles to delightful freshwater turtles. In this … Read more

Why Is My Turtle Struggling To Swim

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Why Is My Turtle Splashing Around?

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Turtle Not Growing

Turtle Not Growing? 6 Possible Reasons Why This post was created to provide general information and is written to the author’s best understanding. Please consult a veterinarian regarding any specific medical issues. This article does not replace professional veterinary services. If you suspect your pet is sick, contact your vet immediately. Turtles are fascinating creatures. … Read more

Do Turtles Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

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Can I Let My Turtle Walk Around Outside

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Why Is My Turtle So Active At Night

In this article you’re going to discover the answer to the question – Why Is My Turtle So Active At Night It turns out that sliders are nocturnal animals, which means they prefer sleeping during the daytime. They use sunlight to regulate their body temperature, just like we do. During the warmer months (which happens … Read more

Do Turtles Snore?

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