Can Garter Snakes Hurt Dogs

Garter snakes are thought to be just slightly venomous. This means that while a bite from one could irritate you, it shouldn’t be harmful. The way that your dog reacts to a garter snake encounter depends on how they handled the snake. Your dog should be alright if they did not consume any snake parts. … Read more

Can Garter Snakes Live Together?

Garter snakes are little colubrid snakes that are not constrictors. Other than salmonella, which may be carried by any reptile, they do not pose any risks to kids. Since they are active during the day, they have exceptional vision, which they combine with a keen sense of smell to locate and catch prey. Because they … Read more

Can Snakes Make Holes?

Snakes are one of the world’s most feared creatures and It’s true that snakes frequently hide in holes, but most of the time these are the remains of former frogs, turtles, and rodent burrows. Snakes can also be found in tree hollows or hidden beneath leaf litter, pebbles, or bark. However, do snakes actually dig … Read more

Snake Rubbing Face After Eating

Ball pythons make fabulous pets for first-time snake owners. These creatures are reputed for being calm, docile, and friendly. Yet, it is mysterious for pet parents to find their snakes rubbing their faces after eating. And, it makes sense for pet guardians to be a bit concerned if they find their snake rubbing its face, … Read more

Can Two Corn Snakes Live Together?

Snakes make fantastic pets, and when it comes to novice snake keepers, the corn snake makes for a very suitable companion. You see, corn snakes are popular among reptile lovers as gentle, docile, and shy creatures.  Yet, many pet parents wonder if it’s safe to house more than one snake in a single enclosure, particularly … Read more

Can Snakes Smell Fear?

Snakes make fantastic pets. Everything from their color, skin to their mysterious mannerism is reason enough to appeal to most reptile fanatics. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of adopting a pet snake is to be able to observe it at close range at all hours of the day. You see, snakes are nothing if not … Read more

Can Snakes Drown

Snakes can make wonderful pets and people love them! And snake owners think they’re pretty special in their own right and go out of their way to learn about how to keep their scaly friends comfortable.  The question – Can snakes drown – may seem a little weird. But, snake enthusiasts will tell you that … Read more