Can Ball Pythons Eat Frogs?

Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes, and their diet is an important aspect of their care. While they are primarily known to eat rodents, some owners may wonder if they can also feed their ball pythons frogs. The answer is yes, ball pythons can eat frogs, but there are some important … Read more

My Ball Python Looks Wrinkly

Have you ever noticed that your ball python’s skin has become wrinkled after peeking into its tank or enclosure? Even though this may occasionally only be a sign that the shedding phase has begun, it can be concerning if your python’s skin is abnormally wrinkled or if you have any reason to believe that it … Read more

My Ball Python Peed On Me

You know that feeling when you’re sitting on the couch, holding your ball python, and you suddenly think, “Why does my lap feel wet? Your snake has just peed on you! Maybe it’s happened to you before and you’re curious what’s going on. So, why is my ball python peeing on me? There could be … Read more

My Ball Python Pooped On Me

Snakes use an organ called the cloaca to defecate and urinate. This is a digestive tract aperture that can be found immediately above the tail. Snakes urinate significantly more frequently and poop about once every one to four meals. Although a snake’s poop can be liquid, urates, solid white lumps, are more common. Your snake’s … Read more

My Ball Python Keeps Missing His Food

When you own a ball python, feeding time is always fun to observe! It’s fun to watch your pet “search” for food and can help you develop a closer relationship with your snake. Even if your ball python has never had a problem previously, it is possible for it to occasionally miss its target when … Read more

Do Ball Pythons Like To Climb?

The name of this popular pet, the ball python, comes from its defensive maneuver of balling up into a ball. Because it appears to do nothing but remain on the ground, some people refer to it as the “rock python.” Now some ball python owners question – Do Ball Pythons Like To Climb?  Ball Pythons like … Read more

Do Ball Pythons Like To Soak In Water

If you know anything about snakes, you are aware that they can dwell almost anywhere. Snakes may survive in water as well as in meadows, woods, deserts, and woodlands. They are incredibly adaptable species that can withstand some interesting difficulties. Keepers of reptiles frequently own ball pythons. These lovely creatures, with their laid-back personalities and … Read more

Do Ball Pythons Like To Be Held?

In this article we are going to talk about – Do ball pythons like to be held? The ball python is a common pet snake that is especially well-liked by new and inexperienced owners. It is thought to be a calm, manageable snake that doesn’t get too big. Is it true that this snake is … Read more

Do Ball Pythons Need UVB

Ball pythons are one of the most common snake breeds that are kept as pets Ball Pythons are often confused with boas because they share similar characteristics. However, while both species come from the same genus, they are very different animals. Ball pythons are nocturnal and do not receive much ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure in … Read more

Ball Python Sleeping Outside Of Hide

Many times, pet guardians get bewildered when they find their pets doing something out of the ordinary. It is common knowledge that ball pythons are friendly, timid, and shy creatures. Ball pythons are also reasonably famous for being private animals that love to have their hiding spot even in their enclosures.  Yes, ball pythons do … Read more