Can Two Ball Pythons Live Together?

Are you looking into adopting a snake?

But, you may want to have more than one snake housed in the same enclosure, thinking it would be too lonesome for a snake to be alone all the time.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

First-time parents are often recommended snakes like the ball python or the corn snake as these animals are docile, friendly, and low-maintenance.

But, you may not know that though ball pythons are non-aggressive, they are also very shy beasts.

Hence, if you’re wondering if you can house two ball pythons together, guess again. 

There are pet parents who house their ball pythons together.

But, should you house two ball pythons, is another question altogether.

You see, keeping two snakes in the same enclosure involves too much risk.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the matter of ball pythons and the severe repercussions of cohabiting two ball pythons.

Can I Put Two Ball Pythons Together?

Yes, you can put two ball pythons in the same tank.

But, you’ll have to ensure it’s a tank big enough to provide ample space for both snakes.

Ideally, an adult ball python requires a tank that is 3 – 4 feet wide or a 55-gallon tank.

If you have two snakes, you will have to have a tank that is at least thrice that size.

Why should a tank be thrice its average size when there are only two snakes in the tank?

Well, the simple reason you’ll need an enclosure so big is that you want your snakes to have plenty of room to move about.

As mentioned above, ball pythons are very timid and private animals.

They are fundamentally solitary creatures that only get together to mate in the wild.

Domestic snakes are no different. 

Therefore, the enclosure you provide for your pets will have to have enough space to allow both snakes to roam around without getting in contact with each other.

The enclosure will have to have multiple basking areas.

Snakes tend to be territorial about the places where they sleep or bask.

You’ll also have to place more branches in the enclosure so that each snake can have its place to climb on and rest.

There will be a need for two separate water bowls, and you’ll have to have various hidey holes in the enclosure too, where your precious snakes can withdraw whenever they feel the need to be on their own. 

In approximate, the size of the enclosure that you will need to keep two ball pythons together should be around 24 soiree feet.

That’s a massive tank to have around your house.

And, the more complicated issue is the cleaning, temperature control, and safety of the tank.

You see, snake enclosures need to have humidity and cooling control so that your snake does not suffer from too much moisture, heat, or cold.

Furthermore, snakes carry many diseases like salmonella, and pet parents have to be extremely diligent about the hygiene of the enclosure and their snakes.

If you have two snakes in the same tank, it becomes impossible to keep track of their regurgitations, peeing or pooping.

And, if one snake falls ill, the other snake is likely to fall sick too. 

Additionally, snakes don’t like to have company.

And, if your pet snake happens to be a hermit and you’ve just placed a companion ball python in its tank, it may not take too well to the new housemate.

You may wind up stressing both of your ball pythons.

And snakes don’t handle stress effectively.

They may suffer from loss of appetite, show aggression, or even become withdrawn.

Can Ball Pythons Kill Each Other?

Ball pythons are lovely pets, and they are incredibly mild-tempered.

Yet, there have been circumstances where ball pythons have been known to kill each other.

You see, snakes tend to be assertive during different phases of their lives.

So, when a snake is in its shedding phase, laying eggs, or exceedingly hungry, they get assertive.

If you happen to place one small-sized snake with one that is obviously bigger, then the encounter might prove to be fatal for one of your ball pythons.

Can You Put Two Male Ball Pythons In The Same Tank?

Once again, it is a matter of whether you can put two snakes in the same tank.

The more relevant question is, if you should put two ball pythons in the same tank?

And, the definite answer to that question is that you shouldn’t place two ball pythons in the same cage, male or female, both males or both females. 

It would require more time from you to care for the animals and keep their tanks clean.

It would certainly need more money to ensure that you provide everything that your pets need, and it would still pose a substantial amount of threat to the well-being of your pet snake.

Are Ball Pythons Aggressive Towards Each Other?

Ball pythons are known for being antisocial.

Hence, you may have two very unhappy snakes on your hand.

It isn’t unheard of to place two snakes together, but it certainly isn’t recommended.

Placing two snakes together can cause disease, stress, and even feeding problems.

Yes, putting two ball pythons in the same tank can lead to aggression, mainly if one snake happens to be even slightly larger than the other.

There have been cases of cannibalism too, where pet parents have housed two ball pythons in the same enclosure. 

What Snakes Can Live Together? 

Reptiles, in general, are not social animals.

Most snakes, including the most favored domestic snake, the corn snake, do not seem to appreciate sharing their quarters.

It is possible to keep two female corn snakes together, although you may encounter problems even then.

Only the famous Garter snakes of North and Central America seem to enjoy the company of their own species and breed.

A better alternative to having two pet snakes together is the rack system, where you can have different tubs for each of your pet snakes.

It’s a space-saving solution that minimizes the time needed for cleaning and allows for better temperature control. 


Ball pythons are friendly creatures that are well-known for their passive behavior.

Yet, to impose the company of another animal is nothing short of torture for your serpent friend.

And, as it is your responsibility to care for your pet, it is perhaps best to allow your pet companion the space it requires to thrive and live a happy and long life. 

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