Can Garter Snakes Live Together?

Garter snakes are little colubrid snakes that are not constrictors.

Other than salmonella, which may be carried by any reptile, they do not pose any risks to kids.

Since they are active during the day, they have exceptional vision, which they combine with a keen sense of smell to locate and catch prey.

Because they are so attentive and energetic, they make excellent exhibition pets.

They can frequently be found around bodies of water in nature, including lakes, marshes, rivers, and streams.

Now if you have a garter snake and want to get another

You may be wondering – Can garter snakes live together?

Usually, garter snakes live in groups, so that means they can live together

Yet there are a few exceptions:

In order to prevent them from being mistaken for food, newborns presumably need to be kept apart.

Those animals, like the Wandering Garter, are prone to cannibalism.

If you do decide to pair your animals up in a cage, make sure their sizes are comparable and feed them regularly (more on that later on)

Additionally, If you keep animals of several species, raise males and females separately.

Cross breeding is highly discouraged, so males and females should only be kept together if they are of the same species.

Can you keep 2 snakes together? (In detail)

Placing snakes in an unfamiliar context can be quite distressing because they often dislike companionship.

Think about being in a tank with someone you despise.

Imagine that you hate everyone to the hilt.

Most likely, a snake feels that way about other snakes. 

Your snake is likely to start acting out of escape behavior because it is so close to another lone animal.

This is particularly true if one snake dominates the other greatly (stealing its food, chasing it from hides etc.).

In order to escape the tank, an animal will engage in escape behavior.

Your snake will probably rub its head on the front of the enclosure, which is where you can see the outside world, when you watch it.

Can you put two snakes in the same tank?

Many animals like socializing with pals, just like humans.

However, most reptiles do not have this trait.

Reptiles can survive without other animals in the same aquarium and do well on their own.

In general, it is advisable to house reptiles separately.

When appropriately configured in same-species tanks, some lizards (bearded dragons, anoles, and geckos) and chelonians (turtles and tortoises) can coexist peacefully.

However, even if they are of the same species, snakes are generally better off kept alone and shouldn’t be kept together in a tank.

How big of an enclosure do you need for a couple garter snakes?

The best cages for garters are those with an aquarium or reptile terrarium design, though they can be maintained in rack systems.

Since they may be embellished with wood and vines for the snake to slither on, which is healthy exercise for reptiles, acrylic or screen cages are ideal.

For an adult, the minimum size is a 28-quart plastic tube or a 29-gallon aquarium or terrarium.

Males and females could be kept in somewhat different-sized cages because of their size disparities.

For more living areas, garter snakes can be housed in groups.

However, to avoid unintentional cannibalism, groups of garter snakes should not be fed together.

A couple of garter snakes may coexist peacefully in a 55 gallon tank.

Garters enjoy climbing and are highly spirited, therefore the more room, the better.

Can garter snakes live alone?

The majority of them are loners that only associate with one another to breed and hibernate.

Not so with garter snakes, the non-venomous snakes found across most of Central America and North America.

In addition to preferring to hang out in groups, garter snakes also appear to have “friends” who they spend a lot of time with, according to research.

Few researchers, however, claim that it depends on the personalities and social preferences of garter snakes.

Are garter snakes good to have around?

Garter snakes are very common pets

Why? Because they are great pets of course

They are harmless to humans and are pretty much shy

That is why having them around is a good idea as you can keep them as pets

Did you know they are a gardeners friend?

This is because they eat the pests that tend to cause havoc in your garden!

So if you’re an avid gardener and hate pests destroying your beautiful garden, I think you’d appreciate a garter snake for sure!

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