Ball Python Climbing Sides Of Tanks

Ball pythons are often recommended for first-time pet parents as they are shy, friendly, and docile animals.

But, many pet guardians often get a tiny bit of a shock when they find their lovely companions climbing the sides of their tanks.

Then you’ll also witness pet parents worrying endlessly and wondering why their pet snake is trying to escape.

But, you have to realize that your ball python might not be trying to escape at all. If your ophidian is new to its tank, it may just be trying to get a feel of its environment.

However, there are times your ball python might be slithering its way up to the top of the tank for other reasons.

So, let’s look into the matter of ball python, their skills at climbing as well as their possible urge to escape.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • Why your ball python is glass surfing?
  • Do ball pythons try to escape?
  • Why your snake is trying to escape?
  • Do ball pythons climb in the wild?

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Why Is My Ball Python Glass Surfing?

Yes, it is true that ball pythons, in general, are solitary creatures.

Ball pythons do become familiarized with their humans, yet, they are very private animals.

Hence, you will find that your ophidian likes to settle into its hiding spots and stay there for most of the day.

But, ball pythons are typically nocturnal, which means that they are active during the night.

And, your pet may even be crepuscular(active during twilight), which is that it may be out and about during dusk and dawn.

So, during these times, you will have the chance to see any activity from your ball python. 

What do you suppose ball pythons like to do when they are active?

They love to explore their surroundings. Incidentally, ball pythons are natural climbers.

They are amazingly good at climbing not just trees but even the glass walls of their tanks.

So, you may witness your pet trying to discover its territory and have the misconception that it is trying to escape.

You see, pythons are highly intelligent beings that get used to not only their humans.

They are smart enough to get accustomed to their feeding times and days too.

So, your ball python might be glass surfing to remind you about its feeding time.

Or, it might just be trying to let you know that it’s hungry.

Furthermore, it would help if you were very particular about the temperature of your pet’s tank.

If the temperature in the tank drops and becomes too cold, then your reptile might try to climb closer to the basking light to get warm.

On the other hand, your ball python might even feel too much humidity or hot in the tank and may get closer to the top of the tank to get some fresh air. 

Do Ball Pythons Try To Escape?

First-time pet parents may simply forget to close off the lid of their enclosure.

So, yes, of course, your ball python will escape if you give it the chance to get out.

Snakes have been domestic pets for quite a while now, and they are very popular with animal lovers.

But, that doesn’t change the fact these animals come from the wild. 

If you bring home a ball python and provide it with no exercise or any mental stimulation, your pet will naturally find other ways to keep itself occupied.

And, glass surfing is one of the many forms of entertainment for your ball python. 

The surest way to stop your python from making a run is to get your ball python to love its tank.

Hence, you need to ensure that you provide plenty of room for basking.

You will also have to put in a couple of sturdy branches for your ball python to climb.

Doing so will give it the chance to get some exercise and joy relaxing curled at a height with a better view.

It is also known to provide plenty of mental inducement. 

Why Is My Snake Trying To Escape?

There is the general misunderstanding that your ball python might be trying to escape its enclosure.

It is imperative that you take extra care to provide your pet with its needs and wants.

And, allow your pet ample cage-free time too.

And your pet has bonded with you.

Then there is no reason to assume that your ball python is climbing to the top of its tank to escape. 

It may well be trying to stretch out its muscles or replicating its natural behavior from the wild, where it climbs trees to catch birds as prey.

Or, your pet may simply be exploring the various points of its enclosure.

In short, you have no reason to worry.

You can simply enjoy the antics of your silly companion trying to fool around. 

Do Ball Pythons Climb In The Wild?

Ball pythons tend to burrow into cooler, shaded areas in the wild.

But, they also seek the refuge of densely crowded branches to catch a few zzz in the cool breeze, catch prey, small birds or eggs, or roll themselves around the branches to escape predators. 

Many animal experts claim that male pythons tend to climb more when they are younger; they climb less as they age.

As female ball pythons are slightly larger and heavier than males, females tend to climb less often than male ball pythons. 

So if you do see your ball python climbing any branches that you’ve placed inside its tank or even witness it glass surfing, you need not go into total shock.

Your ball python is exhibiting its perfectly excellent climbing skills. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping a pet snake may be tons of fun.

But, it can also mean responsibility.

Now, if you catch your snake behaving uncannily, you need not be afraid that something’s wrong with your obsidian.

You have to understand that it will take your pet a while to get used to your company and its new environment.

It may also take your time to understand your pet and its mannerisms better.

In the meantime, you have to be sure that you give your pet all it needs and extra TLC to feel at home.

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